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IPR Corp – The USA’s Most Reliable Plastic Recycling & Supply Company.

Efficient and Sustainable Recycling Solutions

At Industrial Plastic Recycling, We Understand The Critical Importance Of Recycling In Today’s World.

As our planet faces environmental challenges, businesses and individuals alike must take responsibility for their plastic waste. By embracing our process and partnering with us, you can make a significant difference in reducing the harmful impact of plastic on our environment.

With a strong focus on industrial and commodity-grade plastic, our recycling company works tirelessly to collect, sort, and transform discarded plastic into reusable materials that positively contribute to a circular economy. We work closely with various industries, including Blow molding, Injection Blow molding, injection molders, film/sheet extruders, and thermoforms, including Roto Molding, among others. By both buying and selling plastic materials, we help manufacturers support their efforts toward sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and reduced energy usage applications and oil and virgin resin reliance.

Explore our process in detail and discover how Industrial Plastic Recycling can efficiently fulfill all your plastic recycling needs. Let’s work together to create a greener and healthier planet for future generations. Get a quote for your plastic recycling needs!

Collecting and Sourcing

Our process begins with the collection and sourcing of plastic scrap from various manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and surplus material traders. We work closely with these suppliers to ensure that we receive a steady supply of industrial and commodity-grade plastic, which is commonly used and discarded in large quantities. By partnering with these suppliers, we have established a reliable network that allows us to efficiently retrieve the plastic for further processing while creating a value-add for our partnership with suppliers, including issuing rebates which can provide significant monetary value on a monthly basis.

Partnership With Manufacturers and Plastic Users

Once the plastic has been recycled and palletized into sorted bulks, we collaborate with manufacturers and plastic users to provide them with the recycled plastic materials they need. We work closely with a variety of industries, including injection molders, film/sheet extruders, thermoformers, and more. Our wide range of partners allows us to serve diverse sectors of the United States economy, positively impacting multiple industries with our recycling solutions.

Partner With Industrial Plastic Recycling for Sustainable Plastic Solutions

IPR Corp – The USA’s Most Reliable Plastic Recycling & Supply Company.

At Industrial Plastic Recycling, our process is driven by our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to making a positive environmental impact. By collecting, sorting, processing, and recycling industrial and commodity-grade plastic, we contribute to the circular economy and reduce the dependence on plastic materials. Whether you are a consumer or a manufacturer, we are here to efficiently fulfill all your plastic needs, providing innovative and eco-friendly recycling solutions. Choose Industrial Plastic Recycling and join us in our efforts to create a greener and more sustainable future. Reach out to our plastic recycling experts for a quote and to learn more about our efficient and reliable recycling process. By choosing us as your plastic recycling partner, you can be confident that your plastic waste will be handled responsibly and transformed into high-quality reusable materials.