Available/Needed Material

Here’re all the materials listed that we source and sell. Find all industrial and commodity-grade plastic material from IPR Corp – the plastic experts.

Material Available

IPR has access to a wide variety of materials in whatever specifications you may require. Please complete the inquiry form, and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Material Needed

No matter how the market is performing, IPR is always interested in buying any kind of post-industrial scrap. Peak/Off Peak or Up/Down. The commodities listed below are just a sample of what we buy.
PET, PP, PE (HD, LD, and LLD), PS (HIPS & GPPS), ABS, and many other materials…

Any shape that this material takes—virgin resin, wide spec, regrind, bottles, preforms, purging, lumps—can be handled by us. Cutoffs or rolls of scrap material, in any colour. We also accept COMBO loads, so YES.